Sunday, October 7, 2007

Summary of Participant Reflections from John McKnight's Presentation on 10/1/07


What surprised me the most…
• how much the stories touched me on an emotional level
• “Soup Kitchen” story – hadn’t thought of that angle before
• the simplicity of the process
• how simple yet important the message was
• hearing John’s stories, though a second time, and that they still had such an impact
• how to separate the levels of building community and recognize the gifts in everyone
• realized that as a parent, I’ve viewed my children by their deficits – small, keep leaving laundry on the floor & big, not getting a better grade
• the story of “more blessed to give than receive” – soup kitchen story
• felt like I was back in church with the gospel story of Lazarus and the rich man from yesterday and the feast of Guardian Angels tomorrow
• the simple question: What have people done here to make things better?
• how well accepted these people became after they being a part of an organization
• concrete, down-to-earth presentation
• the various ways communities connected citizens with each other
• how poorly impersonalized “helpful” institutions can harm the very community they wish to help
• damaging effect of deficit marketing
• That this was free! What a wonderful speaker and knowledge.
• how simple it may be to connect
• how simple the message and building blocks are
• how committed the community was
• that many of the people in the story that had become homeless had started businesses
• how attitudes can change when you look at the ability!
• how different things can be if you look at the cup as half full
• how easy it seems to work
• the gifts we share with each other
• the information on misery/need based surveys

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