Sunday, October 7, 2007

Summary of Participants Reflections from John McKnight's Presentation on 10/1/07


What seems most important among all the stories I heard...

  • the depth of probing and reflection that allowed people to find the gifts of “those on the edge”
  • the embracing of individuals that without sharing their gifts would not have build relationships
  • focusing on the gifts
  • the importance of recognizing and connecting peoples gifts to bring about community transformation
  • need to focus on gifts and find “connectors”
  • finding the gifts – the work behind that
  • that I overlooked people who I marginalized through my own perceptions
  • need for others to appreciate benefits to themselves by accepting gifts from others who were overlooked before
  • the examples of success stories in Chicago – real people we all know
  • the stories confirmed what I have experienced throughout life – only we need to know more
  • New Prospect Baptist Soup Kitchen story – the pastor’s story about God’s message to him
  • You can uncover tremendous resources in your community by focusing on the part of the glass that is full
  • Probably a need to run counter to or undo training/education that made me aware of deficit, problems, etc.
  • The people who get “connected” don’t have to always have an agenda
  • “Blessed are those who give…” – to best serve a group is to give them power to serve others – share their gifts
  • the transformation of a community through the welcoming of the gifts of everyone
  • the good & bad affects of Eddie’s job to co-workers
  • being connected and all having opportunities to share gifts
  • don’t think in terms of deficits
  • the impact that committed individuals can make
  • Being part of a community is more than being “served” or having 1:1 paid staff time to go in the community for activities AND it is possible one person at a time.
  • the community connections
  • keeping in mind in giving service to also offer/ask what they would like to offer, what they would like to do with the community
  • how we can be empowered by looking at a person’s asset
  • the importance of making the connections and the importance of finding the gifts of people
  • who have been deemed less than – especially the damage of school systems in setting up those labels
  • I can do this! It begins with my positive attitude about accomplishing this.
  • that ALL of us, everyone – period – have gifts to offer others
  • SIMPLICITY – seems so simple
  • reach out to others and welcome all
  • the need for civilian involvement in connection

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