Sunday, October 7, 2007

Summary of Participants Reflections from John McKnight's Presentation on 10/1/07


Things I want to know more about...

  • how I can overcome the effects of spending my days in a labeling environment
  • beginning to connect
  • finding connectors
  • our organization being a “case study” in Westerville
  • how to encourage people to connect in their communities
  • any local efforts like this in Columbus area
  • the other 4 assets for building community
  • how I can apply gift inventories
  • “gift inventory”
  • more of the above
  • skills/how to identify connectors
  • ways to reach “fringe” groups/people
  • Could some of this be applied to issues as well as persons?
  • What gifts does the Otterbein community possess?
  • How do we find enough people to accompany those who would give?
  • guides to emphasizing the gifts of the marginalized
  • more connections
  • other examples of how people get connected
  • how the community can continue their commitments to the individuals – What keeps these connections going?
  • the other 4 ingredients to the recipe and how to accomplish this – how to get our busy world to care, etc.
  • how to reconcile needs with gifts – say alcoholism, clinical depression
  • how asset based community building transforms communities in more of a macro sense – I see how it enriches individual lives and believe there would be a ripple effect
    future studies and positive stories
  • how to go about making effective connections
  • developing a good interview tool to discover community gifts
  • involving people with behaviors in community – I hope John will consider speaking in Northwest Ohio
  • what I can do where I am to share my gifts with others and discover the gifts of others
  • organizations in my local community that are doing this
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